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 Is Carol really dead inThe Walking Dead?

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PostSubject: Is Carol really dead inThe Walking Dead?   Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:35 am

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If people that want to pick out the most amaizng horror series. The Walking Dead DVD, with the arrival of walking dead season 3. Audience never actually saw the group find Carol's body, nor did we even see them search for her? Apparently finding her head scarf next to T-Dog's body was enough evidence to call time of death. While Daryl placing a Cherokee rose on her possibly empty grave was sweet, it seems unlikely that this was the "satisfying" conclusion to Carol's story. And as the AMC series diverges further from the comics, there's little of her original story line for the writers to mine. So, do you think she's dead?
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Is Carol really dead inThe Walking Dead?
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