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 We’ve helped students prom dresses

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We’ve helped students prom dresses   Empty
PostSubject: We’ve helped students prom dresses    We’ve helped students prom dresses   Icon_minitimeThu Feb 23, 2012 10:42 am

We’ve helped students prom dresses
We’ve helped students prom dresses   13250411950
Alicia Castro has been spearheading 'The Last Dance,' which collects

prom dresses for girls in need.
University students have collected and donated prom

dresses to local high schools in the past, but as chair of the Bachelors of Social

Work Club, Castro hopes to take collection efforts to new heights.

“We’ve helped students in the past — some of our homeless students — have a normal high

school experience of going to the prom by getting dresses for them,” said Jennifer Justice,

Barrow County social worker and University liaison. “So I think [Castro] just heard that

and wanted to do a whole closet for them.”

And while her goal is bigger than past efforts, so is the need: last year, Barrow County

alone had more than 450 students coded homeless. The county expects even more this year.

“Our numbers have doubled over the past few years because of the economy,” Justice said.

“We’re only halfway done with the school year, and if we double what we have now we’ll be

well over 500.”
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We’ve helped students prom dresses
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