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 Have a paint-by-number you love?

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Have a paint-by-number you love?    Empty
PostSubject: Have a paint-by-number you love?    Have a paint-by-number you love?    Icon_minitimeThu Feb 23, 2012 10:35 am

Have a paint-by-number you love?
Have a paint-by-number you love?    DOPZ000847-HB3040061
We'll turn your picture into a full " paint-by-number

" kit and ship it to you for you to paint!
Creativity paint-by-number for Kids Young

Artist Essentials Gift paint-by-number Set. The

Young Artist Essentials Gift Set features a 64 piece assortment of Faber-Castell premium

quality drawing components in a deluxe wood case. This gift

paint-by-number set is perfect for gift giving!.

This set is designed to delight and inspire young artists ready to graduate from crayons.

The set includes Colored EcoPencils, Watercolor EcoPencils, GRIP Graphite EcoPencils, Oil

Pastels, Washable Duo-tip markers, Pencil sharpener, Paint brush, Artist paper, Illustration

booklet and a wood gift box with flocked storage trays.
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Have a paint-by-number you love?
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