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 Perhaps paint-by-number should be mentioned

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PostSubject: Perhaps paint-by-number should be mentioned    Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:27 am

Perhaps paint-by-number should be mentioned

about Leonardo's use of this paint-by-number

technique in teaching and it being the inspiration for the modern

paint-by-number kits, I saw this mentioned in a

documentary some time ago which I can't recall, but this is the first

paint-by-number ref that came up on google here

relating it. Though it is interesting that it notes there were earlier examples from the

1920s but marketed for children, though unfortunately it doesn't go into any detail on that.

There's also information about collectors and some notable examples, for instance a

paint-by-number 'Abstract Number One' with

Robbins' signature which sold for $1000 and was displayed in a Smithsonian show
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Perhaps paint-by-number should be mentioned
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