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 Z0103/07/09 series

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PostSubject: Z0103/07/09 series   Z0103/07/09 series Icon_minitimeTue Nov 15, 2011 2:01 pm

Z0103/07/09 series

1.1 Description
Passivated triacs in conventional and surface mounting packages. Intended for use in
applications requiring high bidirectional transient and blocking voltage capability.
Available in a range of gate current sensitivities for optimum performance.
Product availability:
z0103ma; Z0103NA; Z0107MA; Z0107NA; Z0109MA; Z0109NA in SOT54B
Z0103MN; Z0103NN; Z0107MN; Z0107NN; Z0109MN; Z0109NN in SOT223.
1.2 Features
1.3 Applications
2. Pinning information
n Blocking voltage to 800 V (NA and NN
n 1 A on-state RMS current.
n Home appliances n Small motor control
n Fan controllers n Small loads in industrial process
More other related products and buy at
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regulator ic 7806
7805 voltage regulators
lm317 regulator datasheet

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PostSubject: Re: Z0103/07/09 series   Z0103/07/09 series Icon_minitimeThu Dec 22, 2011 6:42 am

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Z0103/07/09 series
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